“Special Needs” Breakfasts


As the old adage goes: Two percent of the customers take up 98% of your time…..You may think you are not in that 2 percent I  suspect : You are the “Special Dietary Needs” patrons of B & B’s.

I am not dismissing the seriousness of Nut Allergies,Gluten-Free, Lactose Intolerance, or Raw- Food- Only patrons or Vegans out there…but we B & B owners shudder when we hear pronouncement-“What will there be for ME to eat for Breakfast because I am (fill in the blanks)”

One morning during a busy breakfast I had a mother who was Gluten-free, a father who was vegan and a daugther who was Lactose intolerant. I also had to ensure the mother there would not be any lactose products touching her daughter’s plate. After an inspection of my kitchen and assurance that I would be en guard for any jumping plate milk, I was allowed  to proceed. I had 25 people to feed and had planned on quiche Lorraine. (She had brought the special milk and soy butter to make french -toast for the daughter.)

I quake when I read the  comments area when reserving before arrival about particular dietary needs. Unfortunately unlike Burger King …Special Orders do upset us. Perhaps this is why they chose a B & B in the first place is  their assumption that individualized  service is part of what they are paying for.

I still am blistering from the nasty write-up I got for not taking a husband’s Celiac disease seriously enough. the fact that I did not know whether the sausage had any gluten in it sent the wife into ground attack mode. To my defense I had bought a special Gluten-free corn biscuits for them the day before which they rejected…(they did taste like week old hockey pucks, but let’s face it, Gluten-free food needs Gluten to taste good)

Where were these gluten-free when I was growing up? I never saw a schoolmate keel over after eating his Wonderbread. My suggestion to special-order-breakfast patrons is they give us the option to pay for their breakfast at the inn across the street.